Waterfall Chasers: Ohio Edition.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

What would you say if we told you that there are incredible waterfalls that look like they should be on a tropical island in #ohio? Don't worry. We didn't believe it at first either but then we went, we saw and we now believe. Hocking Hills State Park is a magical place with incredible energy and so many amazing landscapes.

Devil's Bathtub is absolutely breathtaking. We easily spent a few hours here over the 4 days we spent in the area. Between taking photos and just sitting to take it all in, it was easy to do.

#devilsbathtub #hockinghills #ohio

One of the best parts of Hocking Hills is all of the #trails to epic landscapes. An added bonus is that you are below massive rock walls which means free outdoor AC. It can get pretty brutal in the midwest in the summer so this cool treat was definitely welcomed. One of our favorite trails starts at Old Mans Cave and bends and winds down to the Lower Falls.


This was a much more private #waterfall about half way down the trail. It was another perfect spot to just take it all in.

See guys, major tropical vibes! IN OHIO!!

Clearly I had to put on a dress and get in the water.

As always, I had to pull Edward in a few with me. He's way too handsome to not put in front of the camera.

There really are so many spots to visit in and around Hocking Hills, Ohio and it is so close to home that it really makes it a no brainer to visit.

Ash Cave is probably the most famous waterfall in the area. We have taken tons of photos of this fall and it always seems so hard to capture the way it feels. The shear magnitude of the cave walls makes you feel so small but the energy it gives off makes you feel so big.

That's me in the bottom left hand corner and this is just one section of the rock. Massive, I tell you, massive!

If you do plan a trip to Hocking Hills and you are more adventurous like us, as in you like to camp. We have to recommend the Hocking Hills #KOA. The campground is beautiful. Everything is SO clean which is a huge bonus when camping. The family that runs the camp really takes pride in their property and they couldn't be friendlier. Plus, there is fudge!

Hocking Hills KOA

Edward cooking or posing for a photo? HA!! Doesn't really matter. He looks good either way.

I'll stick to posing in front of waterfalls.

A special thank you to Hocking Hills KOA and Payton Piper Boutique. You both made us look and feel good.

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