The Great American Southwest

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Part one of possibly a hundred.

Utah and Arizona, this one's for you. We love you and appreciate all of the #untouched land for us to #explore.

Travel with passion

“You know you have been somewhere special when there is red sand in your boots.”

Every trip to the #southwest inspires us in ways we didn't think were possible. The first time we #traveled to Utah, we fell...hard. There is a different energy there that we haven't found any place else. We immerse ourselves in the outdoors. Sometimes, we even hike. Like, to The Wave but we'll get to that.

The first time we visited Moab we spent most of our time in Arches National Park. This time, we explored and it paid off. The first night we made a left instead of a right and found a hidden gem!! That hidden gem treated us with one of the best #sunsets we have ever witnessed.

If that photo doesn't do it for ya, this {amateur} iPhone video should do the trick.

Take a minute to feel the #wind.

Are you guys ready for the most epic part of this trip?

Our #dream of the last 3 years came true when our number got pulled for THE WAVE!!!! THE FREAKING WAVE!!! If you have never heard of The Wave, (don't worry you're not alone), let us show you what The Wave is through our eyes. Epic, Magnificent, Triumphant, Magical. None of these words even come close to describing the feeling you get when you start the 5.5 mile hike in.

But first we have to win the lottery to get a permit to explore the area. Sorry, not sorry about the screaming and loss of video skills because WE FREAKING WON!! And that is all that really matters.

We stated our drive to the trail head before the sun came up so we could walk in at sunrise.

The Wave

“You know you have been somewhere magical when you keep finding red dirt in your shoes”

It's a hard thing to describe a place that is as special as the #wave. Being at a place that so few people will ever have the opportunity to experience is beautifully precious. In between exploring the area, we both sat and took in everything around us. It sounds silly but just feeling the wind on our skin made us feel as if we were a part of something so sacred. We will forever be grateful for this epic adventure.

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