Light {paint} our way

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

How we paint with ... light.

Light painting is something that we have been talking about and learning for years now. Typically when we tell some one that we are out #light #panting, the looks we get are just straight confusion. So, let's talk about it.


The first thing you need when light painting is a bad-ass flashlight. We use a few different brands. Our favorite is Coast HP7. The second thing you need is a good #tripod and a remote clicker. Using both of these together allows your #camera to stay as still as possible while you are shooting your images.

"Light up the night and your morning will be better." -kc

We really love our Induro Tripod and Really Right Stuff head. It's definitely on the pricer end but if you want to capture epic #night shots then spending a little more on your set up is never a bad thing.

The last thing you really need is to just sit back and take it all in. Don't spend your entire evening pressing your remote trigger. Take a few minutes to sit and stare up at the #stars.

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