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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Life, Love and Adventure planning. And a lot of random rambling.

2018 was a year that will be forever hard to top. First and foremost, we did the damn thing and got #married!!! Holla! Second, we traveled, traveled and #traveled some more. Adventure is in our blood. And 2018 proved that!

Now that it is time to start honing in on where we want to head off to this year, we are finding ourselves reaching for a few of our favorite spots. As travel and #landscape #photographers, traveling back to places that we have already been is a bonus. We go in already knowing places that we want to re-vist and have a good grasp on areas we want to explore a little more.

“Let's get lost on a road {that} we have never been on before.”

Or let's just get lost on a few roads we already know. On the list for 2019 repeats are: Jackson Hole, Wy; Iceland (ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRIP?!); and Puerto Rico. We are pretty stoked that we are heading back to Jackson Hole considering we will be back in the fall. We were there the same week about 4 years ago and MAN! those trees are on fire, the animals are roaming and basically fall is just in full force.

Iceland was a no brainer. When we got married we spent 10 days driving the outer rim to familiarize ourselves with the island. The vast differences in landscapes are over the moon, outta the park, head-over-heels amazing. Adding the celebration of our one year anniversary in the very place The Colls became official and its a obvious winner. I sort of felt bad for the runner up. HAHA. Kidding, there was no runner up.

I know you want to keep reading my rambles but since we named this "life, love, and adventure", let's take a beat and talk about love. As in how much love Rachel Rowland Photography captured in this freaking awesome shoot we had together.

We hope you are ready for a massive over share of images because this shoot was the bomb and it was really hard for us to narrow down what we wanted to share.

We take photos of ourselves all the time when we travel. Our #selfie game is strong!! So it was cool to be on the other side and not have to worry about our remote trigger for a change.

Our favorite part about the shoot was our pillow fight! We love how she capture us in our normal state. No, of course we don't have pillow fights all the time ( or ever ) but the fun and laughter, that ish is 100!

So much fun, right? We are forever obsessed and grateful for these.

Back to travel.

Not more than 3 seconds after I typed those three words, I looked at the map in our bedroom. We are SO ready to see where this year takes us. It's time to make 2019 the new 2018! Boom!

Until next time. { insert inspirational message }

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