India. Real life.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

As photographers, India is one of the best places to visit. The colors are vibrant, the streets are busy and the people are #beautiful.

Traveling to India was and still is one of the most epic #vacations we have ever taken. Everywhere you look, it's stunning. Photography becomes easy (and a bit obsessive). The colors, the people, the architecture.

Traveling with a load of gear

When we initially started planning our trip to India, we discussed gear that we would want to bring. What came of that conversation was the "simple" realization that we would be carrying A LOT of weight.

When most people travel, they try to take minimal luggage. The Colls? HAHA. I don't think we have traveled with less than 3 bags and 2 carry-ons in years.

The People

The most beautiful part of #India is the #people. We could easily spend forever walking the #streets while taking in all of the beauty. The second most amazing part, THE FOOD!! Edward isn't a huge fan of curry so he would disagree here but Krystle can't get enough.

India through our lens

“Feeling the soul of another human makes us greater people.”

Neither one of us can wait to make another trip back to this truly incredible country. We learned so much about ourselves and grew in our relationship while we were there. There is a special magic there.

Feeling Inspired, Wonderful and Loved

As inspiring as India was to both of us, something even greater happened. If you have been following us you may have seen that Orchha is where we got engaged so clearly this already special place holds an even more precious space in our hearts.

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