Getting on an air plane and we're gonna get married.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

We turned saying I Do into the best idea EVER!

A last minute decision that turned out to be the BEST decision we have ever made.

We booked a trip to Iceland. Now what?

On a random Friday night, 3 weeks before our trip to Iceland, I asked Edward one simple question, “Do you want to get married in Iceland?" I was so nervous considering we had a few short weeks to make this thing happen but he agreed and it was on!

We told family and they were on board. Next, we started contacting everyone to get a dress, suit and small details. It was incredible how well everything came together. Of course, sleep became a luxury we couldn't afford. But who cares!! WE WERE GETTING MARRIED!!!!

Next step: Head to the airport....

Once we arrived, we checked in to the sweetest hotel in #reykjavik and spent the next 12 hours resting and gearing up for 10 days of camping and marriage. I wish we would have taken 'real' photos of this place but sleep was more of a priority.... and also a glass of champagne. Thankfully I snapped these with my #iphone so we have the memories.

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel - Reykjavík

We were rested and ready! The adventure was on.

The back drop to our I do's

So here we are. We had landed in Iceland with a wedding dress, a suit and a few cameras. Now, all we needed was a location. It was super important to us to not have a crowd around so we went out searching for the perfect back drop for our wedding. On day 2 we found it. A hidden waterfall, right off the beaten path. It was PERFECT! Day 3, it was on!

“Colls Falls”

Venue is set. Next up, flowers. A bride needs a bouquet, right? We did a little internet research that led us to locals that told us about some wildflower fields with beautiful lupine that you can pick yourself. Happy dance, commence. This is basically Krystle's dream.

Something we didn't mention yet, when we got to Vík, it was the start of our camping trip. When we got ready for our wedding we were at the camp ground. Edward in the mens room and Krystle in the ladies. Super untradiontal, definitely not conventional, but every way perfect. And in the spirit of keeping things us, we were ready to head off to our first look.

"You're body is bangin'. I love the way you flaunt it. Now tell me baby, how do you want it" - Edward

Iceland in June comes with the midnight sun (that is when the sun never fully sets) leaving the sun visible for 24 hours. Staying with the spontaneity that lives within us, we said I Do at 11:30pm. When in #iceland, do as the Icelandiacs do?!

One of the coolest aspects of our wedding is that we used our skills as wedding #photographers and took all of our own wedding photos. Yes, you read that right. We set up our #indurotripod, held our remote trigger and made some pretty cool memories documenting us in some bad-ass locations.

Marrying an incredibly talented photographer means you get to pose in front of epic Icebergs mid day, and at sunset! My motto, why have one when you can have both. #yolo

Iceland, you are amazing. Thank you for the memories! See you again for our #anniversary.

Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU James Palanza of Light Motion Studios for joining us on this adventure and filming it so beautifully!!

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